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Reccomeded accomodation for Aymsconf-2017.
We continued cooperation for second year with our partners – Gar’is Hostel with provided 10% discount for our participants.
This affordable, clean and comfortable hostel is situated in city center close to metro station Klovska (Kyiv, Pervomayskoho, 11).
For Your staying we booked:
-twin rooms
-double rooms
-4 bed roomsNumber of places is restricted so don’t wait too long and apply for Your place!Please, don’t hessitate to visit the official web-page or FB group for more detailed information, photos and prices:



Workshop #1 – “Basics of combined oral pill contraception”. So all future gynecologist, endocrinologist and general physicians, may we have your attention please! During workshop you will discover vital facts about rules of prescription therapy for contraception and treatment, about side affects and the ways of prevention!

A series of workshops  – «Emergency aid». During these practical trainings, you will learn and work on the vital skills for all doctors. So please meet the first workshop from this group – “The technique of Cricothyrotomy”!

The third group – “Science to practice” is presented by “Principles of cancer immunotherapy” by Ihor Arkhypov, the student of Bogomolets National Medical University, the member of O.A. Kysil Students’ Scientific Society Council and the winner of one month training related to cancer immunotherapy in Germany. Ihor has successfully completed his course and now is ready to share his knowledge with you – dear participants!

Workshop #4 – “Scientific writing” on AYMSConf 2017! You think you know how to write scientific articles for the publication in international journals? Are you sure? If yes – don’t be afraid to examine your knowledge and visit the workshop “Scientific writing” on AYMSconf 2017.

Our speaker – Andrii Dinets is prominent young Ukrainian scientist, who made his PhD in Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden and now he is the author of numerous Scopus publications.

Workshop #5: the Stomatology presents the real sensation of AYMSConf 2017 – “3D Printing!” You should catch this opportunity and participate in the coolest stomatological workshop ever! What is even more important – it will be held under the supervision of prof. Andrii Kopchak, MD, DSc – Director of Dental Medical Center of Bogomolets National Medical University!

Workshop #6 on AYMSConf 2017 – Tactical medicine
This is the great opportunity to obtain basic skills of tactical medicine, learn how to act in the emergency situations and how to save more lives staying unhurt.
The workshop will be held by the best specialists in tactical and military medicine in Ukraine.

Workshop #7 – “The Basics of Reconstructive Surgery” – is incredible training with world famous plastic and reconstructive surgeon, professor of the Department of Surgery #4 of Bogomolets NMU Vasyl Khrapach, MD, DSc. Moreover, during the second part of workshop you will try to perform new skills on the animal material under the supervision of prof. Khrapach.

Workshop #8 – “Renal Suture”. One of the most important skills of the urologist and general surgeon is the kidney suture. You have an excellent opportunity to register for our workshop and train this skill under the guidance of Pavel Yakovlev, PhD, the famous Ukrainian oncourologist, member of the Urology Department of Bogomolets NMU.

Workshop #9 – “The Cells of the Future”
During this workshop you will visit one of the most advanced Family cord blood banks in Ukraine, will obtain knowledge about the stem cells of the umbilical blood, where and how exactly they are used for the treatment of different diseases. You will visit the lab and storage and see the all details about the work with stem cells.

Dear participants, we are happy to present you the unbelievable event! Our 10th workshop – The Polymerase Chain Reaction, during which you’ll get the opportunity to improve your practical skills in this technique under the supervision of outstanding Ukrainian scientists’ professor Larysa Natrus – Director of the Institute for Experimental and Clinical Medicine!

But unfortunately the number of places is limited! So to take part in this workshop you need to:
1. Register for AYMSConf 2017 as active or passive participant – go to
2. Send the short motivation letter on the email and mention in topic “PCR Workshop”
3. Answer on the few questions in English during the interview with the member of OC Please add correct mobile phone number in the registration form!

Workshop #11 – Basic life support in cooperation with our partners Platform INgenius!

Workshop #12 – The Basics of Immunohistochemistry – first time in the Ukraine on students’ conferences! The workshop will be held under supervision of Top Ukrainian pathologist prof. Liubov Zakhartseva! So don’t miss your chance to train the leading technique for the diagnosis of tumors worldwide!

Cultural Programme

Social program on AYMSConf 2017 – Day 1

During evening city tour of Kiev you will observe the capital of Ukraine as a city of three eras – ancient age, harsh times of 20th century and modern days. You will see the main city sights, visit medieval cathedrals, walk through famous Kiev streets and feel national culture and hospitality of locals. Ancient churches, buildings with sophisticated architecture and incredible history, modern business centers – all that will be included into our small journey through the pearl of our country. And at the end of excursion you will try the testiest beer in the Kiev in the most interesting pubs of the city.

Halloween party

We think you can’t miss the most terrifying event with your colleagues!
Show us how different your imagination can be and take a shocking suit on! Remember about prizes at party for the best one.
Evening 28.10.2017
Log in your personal account and pay for the party to be invited.

Info about AYMSConf 2016

Photos from previous conference

PDF version of science journal, where all abstracts are available to read. Look through them, especially if it’s first time you’re writing an abstract.

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